November 18, 2011 Playlist

Artist Song
Pete Seeger Banks of Marble
Makana We Are The Many
Monette Moore Workhouse Blues
Blind Alfred Reed How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times As These
The Bentley Boys Down On Penny's Farm
Lane Hardin Hard Times
Hazel Dickens Lost Patterns
George Aguiar occupywallst on Nov 18
Leonard Cohen Democracy
Hazel Dickens Beautiful Hills of Gallilee
Forence Reece Which Side Are You On
Almanac Singers Which Side Are You On
Joe Glazer We Shall Not Be Moved/Roll the Union On
Youngbloods Brother Can You Spare a Dime
Joe Glazer The Mill Was Made of Marble
Peggy Seeger Aragon Mill
Pete Seeger Cotton Mill Colic
Pete Seeger Seven cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat
Ry Cooder No Banker Left Behind
Ry Cooder El Corrido de Jesse James